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  • Global Science Publishing Group (GSPG) United States of America
  • Advaita Innovative Research Association (AIRA:744 / 2018)
  • The American Journal of Science and Medical Research (AJSMR :: eISSN : 2377-6196)
  • Biolife:An International Quarterly Journal of Biology and Life Sciences (eISSN:2320-4257)
  • International Journal of Research and Applications (IJRA::eISSN:2349-0020 & pISSN:2394-4544)
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AIRA Open Access

The AIRA shall be of a public non-profit organisation having no commercial or profit motive. The office of the AIRA academy shall be at, India, but may be located or shifted to such other place as the board of trustees in academy may determine from time to time.

  • To promote research collaboration and to foster research development of the members.

  • To provide support to academics and research students in pursuing research excellence by organising seminars / conferences / workshops / training programmes / extension lectures in India and abroad.

  • To conduct research and to arrange and organize social, cultural and different educational programs/activities (online and offline) from time to time.

  • To publish books, charts, illustrations, journals, magazine, periodicals, newspapers and other publications on different subjects and in different languages.

  • To provide younger members with adequate support to enable them to undertake and disseminate their research, attend conferences and workshops and enhance their professional skills.

  • To disseminate research outputs scientifically, rigorously, and ethically and to ensure that the outputs carry practical impact and meaningfulness to the target populations.

  • To undertake and carry on research and development work and to own, establish, maintain laboratories, experiment centres, assist, subsidise any Government Semi Government, Private, Universities for Scientific and other research work and inventions by providing or contributing to the remuneration of research, scientific or technical professors, teachers for technical researchers, providing or contributing to the awards, prizes, scholarships, grants, sponsorships to the students or others to encourage them.

  • To authorise any person to undertake study tours, commercial tours, visits or training programmes in India or abroad, for furtherance of technical or other expertise and development of the enterprise of the academy.

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