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The candidates who wish to avail themselves of the research related support are to submit their application in the prescribed format. The Governing body of AIRA, informs the applicants the decision after thorough scrutiny in to the needs and relevance of the support. Once the candidature is accepted by the body, the admitted candidate shall be called as “Life Member AIRA" and shall be eligible for the benefits listed in the scheme.

Benefits of Membership


  • Candidates, once they register as a member of AIRA, will be given a certificate of membership of Advaita Innovative Research Association.

  • As the member of AIRA, candidates are eligible to get free/discounted prices for journal publications, plagiarism checks, and participation in conferences / workshops conducted by AIRA.

  • Once you become active member and become an expert in your field of study, you are given opportunity to be the key note speakers / guest speakers in conferences, seminars, webinars and symposia.

  • Thus, the candidate’s exposure to the elite academic society is facilitated to the eligible AIRA members.

  • Membership Fee: Rs.1000 INR or $75 USD (other than India)


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